Academy Season 2

Drivers’ Standings

Group B

Group C

Races Score

Group B

Group C


Result of Gran Prix

Group A Round Circuit Winning Driver Pole Position Fastest Lap
1 Sakitto National Danger44Dan snitchyation snitchyation
2 Sonoma Short andre-tvr LuisAb14
3 Donington Gp eiei-2000_1 eiei-2000_1 snitchyation
4 Le Circuit Bugatti petebib81 snitchyation andre-tvr
5 Monza Gp Danger44Dan Danger44Dan Danger44Dan
Group B Round Circuit Winning Driver Pole Position Fastest Lap
1 Sakitto National hio_91 hio_91 hio_91
2 Sonoma Short hio_91 JaviCl87 JaviCl87
3 Donington Gp hio_91 hio_91 hio_91
4 Le Circuit Bugatti hio_91 rubitodeoro hio_91
5 Monza Gp jjwilkins Sillvio jjwilkins
Group C Round Circuit Winning Driver Pole Position Fastest Lap
1 Sakitto National Markoes_Hlb Markoes_Hlb alessio89ac
3 Donington Gp lewiis547 lewiis547 Dacoru__
4 Le Circuit Bugatti alessio89ac alessio89ac alessio89ac
5 Monza Gp alessio89ac PANCHOBALL PANCHOBALL

This season is composed from 2 Time Trials plus a short-championship (5 Rounds). The In game-start is reported in Academy calendar. Every Time Trial Duration is 30 min. while every round duration is about 45 min. 

Time Trial (Minimum Level Required)

TrackCar (Default Setup)Time to Beat
Donington NationalFormula Rookie1:15.000
Nurburgring Sprint ShortFord Focus RS1:31.000

If you can beat these times sign up. (Note: these times are indicative for your training, the times to beat in the online Time Trial will be faster).

Online Time Trial

The times to beat that you see in the table below, they will be the time in the Online Time Trial. These Time Trials will be with default setup.

TrackCar (Default Setup)Time to BeatTT DurationDateTime (Italy Time)
Donington NationalFormula Rookie1:14.50030 min.28/06/2017
Nurburgring Sprint ShortFord Focus RS1:30.00030 min.03/07/2017

Academy Series Races

  • Race Duration: number of laps are calculated for have a race duration about 40/45 min.
  • Warm-up Duration: 5 min.
  • Qualify Duration: 15 min
  • Practice: 20 min.

Points System

 NOTE: in case 2 or more drivers (or teams) should get the same points, to determine the standings position we will take into account some factors and in this order:

  • Wins
  • Pole Positions
  • Podiums
  • Fastest Laps
  • Lower Penalty Points
  • Highest Place Finished
  • Attendance
  • Minor Number of Withdrawals


1) It is not allowed to push and block others.

2) Cheating is not allowed.

3) Cutting is not allowed. 

4) Write or talk is not allowed under the race.        

5) In case you are lapped you have to slow down.

6) It’s not allowed to go over the white line in a race and when you get in and exit from box.

7) It’s not allowed to use the reset button for get back on track quickly.

8) For get points you must to complete race and finish it at least 12th. (Look Points System)


  • Tyres Wear: x2
  • Fuel Consumption: Real


  • ABS: Yes
  • Traction Control: Yes
  • Stability Control: Yes


Setup is customizable.


Weather of championship is composed from 2 slots. Slot 1 is reported in the Academy calendar while slot 2 is casual.