Zhuhai Gp

Zhuhai International Circuit (ZIC) is located at Jin Ding town in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China.

Motorsport started in Zhuhai when it hosted a race on its street circuit in 1993, racing continued until 1996 when the motor racing circuit was constructed and became China’s first permanent motor race track with Formula One in mind.

The circuit is designed by Australian company Kinhill Engineers Pty Ltd, the same group which created the Formula One circuit in Adelaide. The project manager for the project was Michael McDonough.

The first international race held at the circuit was the BPR Global GT Series. The circuit soon became the hotbed of local motorsports with teams from Hong Kong and Macau setting up their bases inside the circuit garages

The original circuit contained 16 corners. But corners 7, 8 and 9 were eliminated after a track change request from FIM and made into one corner.

The circuit is 4.3 kilometres (2.67 mi) long and has 14 turns. 9 of them are right turns and 5 are left turns and the circuit runs clockwise only. The shorter straight is 500 metres (0.31 mi) long. The longest straight is the start/finish straight which is 900 metres (0.56 mi) long and 14 metres wide at its widest. Alexandre Imperatori, A1 Team Switzerland’s rookie driver, suggested that there are lots of overtaking places in the circuit because of the combination of straights, hard braking areas for hairpins, tight corners, followed by and accelerating for long straights. The most successful driver on the circuit is the best one who can manage their brake wear. Zhuhai International Circuit is an FIA Grade II certified circuit.

Zhuhai International Circuit Co Ltd is also a prominent motorsport event organizer and promoter in China. It has organized and promoted the FIA GT Championship in China and in 2007, it has also signed a contract with China Motorcycle Sports Association to promote the inaugural China Superbike Championship.

Zhuhai International Circuit is the promoter of the China Superbike Championship, established in 2007 and sanctioned by the China Motorcycle Sports Association, CMSA.

ZIC also organizes the Circuit Hero and Circuit Hero GT race series, which allows citizens of the People’s Republic of China to participate.

Circuit Info

  • Country: China
  • Length: 4.3 km
  • Turns: 14
  • Number Of Times Held: 8
  • Fastest Lap: Interceptor-wAw 1:16.893 (FB)

golden cup

ESR_AndiGE GER flag1
FAster_A14SP Spagna1
Interceptor-wAwGE GER flag1
JavierranzSP Spagna1
Vince911turboNL Netherlands-flag1
VP_KamikazeeNO 1
xX_MinoGE GER flag1

Pole Positionpole

DriverCountryPole Position
JavierranzSP Spagna2
A45AMG1978GE GER flag1
ESR_Sined77GE GER flag1
FAster_A14SP Spagna1
vectro666NL Netherlands-flag1
Vince911turboNL Netherlands-flag1