Some drivers may be eligible for direct entry to Gavra Racing if they can prove a history of commitment and participation in another racing league. Please see the Academy description page for more details.


Registration for the current Academy is closed. You can sign up for the next Academy season filling in the form below. Here you find some info about it.

  • Next Academy Starts: September
  • Day of the Races: Wednesday
  • Time: 21:30 Italy time (20:30 UK)

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Drivers’ List

When registration is closed, you will be notified of the car (default setup), track to be used for the time trial (if required). Drivers will be graded according to lap times and placed into groups if necessary.

When you are in your group, you will drive in a program designed to prove your clean racing ability and commitment to a racing series. The series is designed to evaluate several aspects of your driving; your commitment, on (and off) track attitude, and general ability.

The series is a set of one-off races in different cars. It is typically 8 or 10 races, but depends upon scheduling requirements. Admin will post the planned series structure in this page. This set of events gives you an opportunity to enjoy some driving variety. You will have the chance to adapt your driving style, and test your ability to set up for different kinds of cars and tracks.

Race placings and series results do not count towards earning a Gavra license. Of greatest importance to the Gavra team are your commitment, and clean, fair driving. During the Academy Series, the Gavra admin team will really focus on two important aspects of your on-track behaviour.

1. Commitment. This is a test of your ability to commit to a program of races over an extended period of time. Maximum participation means maximum fun and satisfaction for everyone involved.

2. Clean, fair-minded driving. Your ability to avoid unnecessary contact and drive for your enjoyment and the enjoyment of others is critical. Knowing the limitations of the track, the car and especially yourself are extremely important.

Please see the Academy description page for more detail about the Academy program.