24H Of Le Mans

“Racing is life – anything that happens before or after is just waiting”

This famous quote from the Le Mans movie from 1971 is one of the best-known quotes in racing, despite it was never said by an actual racing driver. It depicts however the sensation, racing and especially endurance racing can have on them who love it. And we as sim racers are for sure amongst them. This event here is dedicated to them, who are dedicated to racing, to make them stop waiting, for these 24 hours…

Project Cars 2 offers us the possibility to drive in millions of combinations. On ovals, roads, tracks or even in the mud, driving everything from karts, road cars, race cars to fantasy future cars like the Formula X. We can have different seasons, night, day, sunshine or even snow. With all these conditions we can race any imaginable race we want to, including endurance racing. But we can only race against each other, never with each other. There are a few concepts that try to compensate for missing driver swaps, but they usually fail to transport the spirit of being in a 24h race together. Our approach tries to do exactly that. There is only one lobby, one race, no workarounds to do driver swaps except what you do in real life and no disconnects in the last hour, ruining everything you were fighting for. We provide the stewarding, the live timing, a pace/safety car, the streaming and also a few teams racing this race. But we want you, who love sim racing as much as we do, to join us in this adventure, going around a track for 24 hours straight! Knowing that we can offer this platform, we want to unite several racing leagues from all around the world in this event, each sending a team with drivers from their league to race with us at Le Mans. Driving not only for ourselves, but for our team, for the league we represent. Because as the 9 times winner of Le Mans, Tom Kristensen, once said:

Le Mans is such a great race because you can never do anything alone. You have to work as a team member. And being a team member makes you a better person.