All drivers who want to join our championships will start a Gavra Career, and begin a racing journey to compete alongside the best drivers in the league.

Drive With Gavra Racing

There are two ways to achieve entry to Gavra Racing’s championships.

  • Enter and complete the Gavra Racing Academy series, or
  • Gain direct entry to Gavra Racing by proving a track record of commitment and participation in another racing league.

Please see the Academy page for more details about driving in the Academy. Once you are qualified to compete in the main championships, your Gavra Racing career begins.

Driver Ranking & Career Pathway

Gavra Racing has three groups of drivers: Elite 1 (E1), Gavra 1 and Gavra 2 (G1 & G2). When drivers first become part of Gavra Racing, they are placed in either G1 or G2. Elevation to the Elite driver group only comes through outstanding championship success. The goal of many drivers is to make it into the Elite group, gaining direct access to the highest level championships and the chance to test themselves against the very best.

Championship Tier System  

There are two tiers in Gavra Racing.

  • Elite Tier
  • Gavra Tier

The Elite Tier runs two elite level championships, and the Gavra Tier runs two or sometimes three championships depending upon registration numbers. The ability to compete in these tiers is dependant upon your ranking.

  • E1 drivers have direct access to the Elite Tier, and also free entry Gavra Tier championships.
  • G1 drivers can qualify for limited Elite Tier spots via time trials, or have direct entry to Gavra Tier championships.
  • G2 drivers have direct entry to only Gavra Tier championships.

All G1 and G2 drivers are subject to time trials if Gavra Tier championships are over-registered. An additional championship may be run if registration numbers are high enough.

The driver ranking and tier systems are set up so the best of the best can maintain their elite status, while outstanding G1 and G2 success could be rewarded in the following season with an E1 ranking alongside Gavra Racing’s finest. How these systems work are described in more detail elsewhere.


You can join or form a team to compete in a championship. Teams of two drivers are almost always required for championship participation. Teams are very important for helping each other with setups and driving tips, practicing together and becoming part of the community. The mutual support of being part of a team is very beneficial.

Many drivers have established permanent partnerships over several seasons, and always compete in championships together.