The Gavra Challenge Series is a sprint race series of events. There will be three themed challenges on three different weekends, and a challenge final on the fourth weekend.

Generally the challenge consists of three 25 minute races in one evening. The three races will all be on tracks that have a common theme. For example, Challenge A might be an Italian Challenge on three Italian tracks with an Italian car, Challenge B could be a Road Challenge on three road tracks with a road car. Challenge C will be something different. These are just examples. There may also be different types of challenges like Time Attack or point to point races.

Drivers choose only one challenge to enter; drivers cannot enter two or more challenges. Each challenge is limited to 14 drivers. The three different challenge series will be held on three consecutive weekends.

In each race within the challenge, drivers will score points like in a normal championship, and the top 5 drivers in each challenge will go into the final on the fourth weekend.

Drivers who qualify for the final will vote for which track will host the Challenge Final, and also vote on which car will be driven in the final. There will be two choices for both track and car.

By registering for the Challenge, you agree to follow our Race Rules and follow our clean racing guidelines. Please read carefully the rules and guides here on the Gavra Racing website before registering. If we receive complaints or observe chronic reckless and disrespectful on-track behaviour, we may have to remove offending drivers.

Other Types of challenges

  • Time Attack is a 1-hour time trial in which drivers get points based on their position.
  • Point To Point are shorter races of about 8 or 9 minutes each.

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