F1 Academy Evaluation

What's the Academy

For drivers new to Gavra Racing, the Gavra Racing Academy is the point of entry to our racing championships. It’s a system developed for drivers to show that they can compete, and more importantly, have the driving competence to maintain a good level of close, clean racing.

It’s splitted into in 3 parts:

Step 1

Online Time Trial

The online time trial helds in a private lobby, hosted by one of the Gavra admins. You will be notified of the track to be used, and also of the day(s) and time of the trial event. The length of the time trial is 18 minutes where you’ll have a time to beat. Drivers who will beat it, will enter to the evaluation races.

Step 2

Evaluation Races

The evaluation races are the last step before entering in the Academy. You will compete with other drivers who have been graded with you in the time trials. The races are designed to evaluate several aspects of your driving; your commitment, on (and off) track attitude, and general ability. These things are important for the enjoyment of yourself and others in any Gavra Racing series you compete in.

Step 3

Academy Series

The Gavra Academy Series is a program designed to prove your clean racing ability and commitment to a racing series. The series is typically 10 races, but depends upon scheduling requirements. You will have the chance to adapt your driving style, and test your ability to set up your car in different tracks.


  • Assists Available
  • Traction Control (Medium)
  • ABS (On)
  • Braking Assist (Low)
  • Automatic Gearbox
  • Assists NOT Available
  • Dynamic Racing Line (Off)
  • Pit Assist (Off)

Evaluation Races Season 5

Round 1 - Bahrain Gp

Round 2 - Great Britain Gp

Round 3 - Brazil Gp

Race Rules

You Should Not:

1) Push or block others.

2) Engage in any form of cheating.

3) Cut or swerve in front of other drivers.

4) Message or talk during qualifying and racing (ensure your microphone is turned off).

5) Race with or unduly delay drivers who are lapping you. Also, please let obviously faster drivers unlap themselves.

6) Use the reset button to get back on track quickly.

PLEASE NOTE: The race group chat IS NOT the place to accuse or complain about race incidents. Please, DO NOT engage in blame and accusations in the chat. This is important to maintain the good community feeling that Gavra Racing has developed over a long time. The ONLY place a race issue can be solved is in the Discord channel ‘#incident claims’.


To make a claim:

  • In any channel on the Gavra Racing Discord server, type the command ‘!claim’.
  • You will be automatically given the role of ‘@Making A Claim’ and the ‘#incident-claims’ channel will become available to you.
  • Please delay posting to the ‘#incident-claims’ channel to allow some time for careful thought and consideration regarding your claim. Prepare your claim, but please wait a few hours, think about and review your claim before posting to the ‘#incident-claims’ channel.
  • Post your claim with a link to the video evidence from your replay and/or the video stream. Please note that video evidence is required; no video means no claim.
  • Please make sure you provide the exact time of the incident in the video(s).
  • Claims must be made within 48 hours of race finish.
  • After your claim is posted, the ‘@Making A Claim’ role will be removed, and you will no longer have access to the ‘#incident-claims’ channel.

Lobby Settings

  • Session Privacy - Invite Only
  • Era - Multiplayer Custom Cars
  • Max Participants - 20 (2 spectators)
  • Practice Length - None
  • Qualifying - Short Qualyfing
  • Race Distance - 25%
  • Quick Weather - Dynamic
  • Session Start Time - Official

Race Settings

  • AI Driver Level - 60
  • Car Performance - Equal
  • Parc Fermè Rules - Off
  • Collisions - On
  • Vehicle Damage - Low
  • Ghosting - On
  • Safety Car - On
  • Rules And Flags - On
  • Corner Cutting Stringency - Strict
  • Formation Lap - On
  • Race Starts - Manual
  • ERS - Manual

Assists Restrinctions

  • Braking Assist - Low
  • Anti-Lock Brakes - Yes
  • Traction Control - Medium
  • Automatic Gearbox - Manual and Automatic
  • Pit Assist - Off
  • Dynamic Racing Line - Off

Lobby Issues

In case there are problems with the lobby (glitches, lags, etc), a new lobby will be created, with the same settings. If a glitch occurs between qualify and race or during the formation lap, the new lobby will be created with a custom grid, if possible. In this case, the top 10 drivers must start the race with the tire compound they qualified. Drivers who will start with a tire compound different from the one with which they qualified, they will get a LLP2 penalty. In case it isn’t possible to make a custom grid, the whole qualify will be repeated and so the previous results cancelled.

Online Time Trial

This season there won't be the online time trial.

Evaluation Races

The evaluation races consist in 3 races, 25% each. Drivers may be splitted in groups if there are more than 20 people registered. You'll be able to choose when attending the evaluation races in the registration form below.

NOTE - In case you gain access to the Academy Series, races will take place on Monday. Make sure you can compete on that day before signing up.

Evaluation Races Calendar

  1. Bahrain Gp (6th. 7th, 8th September)
  2. Great Britain Gp (13th, 14th, 15th September)
  3. Brazil Gp (20th, 21st, 22nd September)


  • Available - Traction Control (Medium), ABS (On), Braking Assist (Low), Automatic Gearbox.
  • NOT Available - Dynamic Racing Line, Pit Assists

Time of the races

The host (GAVRANOVIC1991) opens the lobby around 10 min. early and sends the invites to the drivers. Qualifying starts at 21:30 CET (20:30 UK).


Please for any doubt, problem or question contact Gavra91#7022 on Discord or GAVRANOVIC1991 on PSN (host of the Academy and league admin).


Step 1. Join Us On Discord

It’s recommended to download Discord on your PC, tablet or phone and join our Discord server GAVRA Racing (Click Here)Once you’ve joined the server, it will be assigned you the role “#F1” to stay informed about the championship and to contact the admins for any question or problem.

Step 2. Register To The Evaluation Races

Any driver is welcome to register. It's recommended to sign up ONLY if sure to be able to take part to the races. To sign up fill in the form below. Once you registered, you’ll be added to the evaluation races group on Discord, please send a friend request to GAVRANOVIC1991 on PSN (the host of the races).

Step 3. Join The Races

The day of the race you will get an invite to join the private lobby from the host GAVRANOVIC1991 around 10 min before the races start. Once you're in the lobby pick your car and wait for all drivers to be in the lobby before pressing the ready button.