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For drivers new to Gavra Racing, the Gavra Racing Academy is the point of entry to our racing championships.

We try to keep the driving standards of our community high, so we have developed a system for drivers to show that they can compete, and more importantly, have the driving competence to maintain a good level of close, clean racing.

We know many drivers entering the Academy will already have a high level of car tuning and driving skill. It’s important to note that the Academy is less about learning the skill of driving fast, and more about learning, or proving you have the skill to drive safely and fairly with others. Along the way, you will get faster too, of course.

How to bypass the Academy

It may be possible for some drivers to bypass the Academy and gain direct entry to our championships if they can prove:

  • a history of commitment and participation in another racing league. Championship completion at a reasonable level of competitiveness should be enough to gain direct entry to our championships. 
  • that their in-game safety rating is S, A or B. It’s required a screenshot as proof, it can be sent to GAVRANOVIC1991 on PSN.

Step 1. Join Us On Discord

It’s recommended to download Discord on your PC, tablet or phone and join our Discord server GAVRA Racing (Click Here). Once you’ve joined the server, it will be assigned you the role “#F1” to stay informed about the championship and to contact the admins for any question or problem.

Step 2.  Register to the Academy

Any driver is welcome to register. However, as a small self-test (not a requirement), we recommend bettering these times before you register.

*NOTE: Only the driving assists reported in the table will be available for the Academy Series and the Time Trial, all the other assists will be off. It’s a good idea to practice and make the self-test with these settings to get confidence with them.

If you can achieve these times, then your ability to make pace is satisfactory enough for registration in the Academy. If you are unable to better these times, then we recommend you put some more laps in and try for the next Academy intake. If you really can’t do these times and then register, it will be very obvious to everyone in the time trial.

Day/Time Of The Races: Wednesdays, 21:30 CET.

Please before to sign up, read carefully the rules and make sure you can join the races in that day. To have more details about the online time trial, visit the section rules in the Academy page.

When registrations close, you will be invited to a Discord group for your Academy intake. There will be several senior Gavra drivers resident to answer any questions and help when needed throughout the duration of the Academy.

Step 3. Online Time Trial 

Before to enter in the Academy Series you must take part in an online time trial, in a private lobby, hosted by one of the Gavra admins. You will be notified of the track to be used, and also of the day(s) and time of the trial event. The length of the time trial is 18 minutes where you’ll have a time to beat (look the example in the table below). Drivers who will beat it, will enter to the Academy Series. Admins will set a time to beat accessible for the most part of drivers, so for someone the time trial may be easy.


Step 4. Gavra Academy Series

The Gavra Academy Series is a program designed to prove your clean racing ability and commitment to a racing series. You will compete with other drivers who have been graded with you in the time trials. The races are designed to evaluate several aspects of your driving; your commitment, on (and off) track attitude, and general ability. These things are important for the enjoyment of yourself and others in any Gavra Racing series you compete in.

The series is typically 8 or 10 races, but depends upon scheduling requirements. You will have the chance to adapt your driving style, and test your ability to set up your car in different tracks. Drivers may occasionally get feedback from senior Gavra members on their driving style and attitude on and off-track. Race placings will be recorded on a series points table. Though important to individual drivers, race placings and series results do not count towards earning a Gavra license.

Drivers who show good driving habits may be promoted and invited to participate in currently active Gavra Racing Series.

Of greatest importance to the Gavra team are your commitment, and clean, fair driving. Throughout the duration of the Academy, the Gavra admin team will really focus on two important aspects of your on-track behaviour.

1. Commitment. The Academy program is a test of your ability to commit to a program of races over an extended period of time, no matter what the circumstances. Gavra Racing doesn’t want drivers who are selfish. Quitting races and unreliable event participation seriously affects the enjoyment of other drivers, and makes life difficult for organizers. Maximum participation means maximum fun and satisfaction for everyone involved.

2. Clean, fair-minded driving. Everyone knows contact is sometimes unavoidable in motor racing, but your ability to avoid unnecessary contact and drive for your enjoyment and the enjoyment of others is critical. Knowing the limitations of the track, the car and especially yourself are extremely important.

Drivers who are overly aggressive or blame and abuse others in the chat groups are also unlikely to be welcomed into Gavra Racing. We require drivers with mature attitudes to communication and respect for others, no matter what happens on or off the track.