F1 Premier Series (Season 3)



Drivers’ Standings

Races Score

Team Standings

Result of Gran Prix

Race Rules

You Should Not:

1) Push or block others.

2) Engage in any form of cheating.

3) Cut or swerve in front of other drivers.

4) Message or talk during qualifying and racing (ensure your microphone is turned off).

5) Race with or unduly delay drivers who are lapping you. Also, please let obviously faster drivers unlap themselves.

6) Use the reset button to get back on track quickly.

PLEASE NOTE: The race group chat IS NOT the place to accuse or complain about race incidents. Please, DO NOT engage in blame and accusations in the chat. This is important to maintain the good community feeling that Gavra Racing has developed over a long time. The ONLY place a race issue can be solved is in the Discord channel ‘#incident claims’.


To make a claim:

  • In any channel on the Gavra Racing Discord server, type the command ‘!claim’.
  • You will be automatically given the role of ‘@Making A Claim’ and the ‘#incident-claims’ channel will become available to you.
  • Please delay posting to the ‘#incident-claims’ channel to allow some time for careful thought and consideration regarding your claim. Prepare your claim, but please wait a few hours, think about and review your claim before posting to the ‘#incident-claims’ channel.
  • Post your claim with a link to the video evidence from your replay and/or the video stream. Please note that video evidence is required; no video means no claim.
  • Please make sure you provide the exact time of the incident in the video(s).
  • Claims must be made within 48 hours of race finish.
  • After your claim is posted, the ‘@Making A Claim’ role will be removed, and you will no longer have access to the ‘#incident-claims’ channel.

Drivers License Penalties

At the beginning of the season, drivers have 0 points on their license. Drivers could have license points added as a result of protests or direct action from the Gavra Stewards team. License Points will remain with the driver for the remainder of the season.

License Level Penalties (LLPS)

LLPs added are variable and applied at the discretion of the incident review panel depending on the severity of the incident. Typically +1 Level for a minor incident, and +2 Levels for a more serious incident. The LLP scale is listed below:

LLP0 – No Penalty
LLP1 – 1 Place Penalty, 1 license point
LLP2 – 3 Places Penalty, 2 license points
LLP3 – 5 Places Penalty, 3 license points
LLP4 – Qualifying Ban, 4 license points
LLP5 – Race Suspension, 5 license points 
LLP6 – Championship Disqualification

10 License Points = 2 Races Ban
15 License Points – Championship Disqualification

All Penalties do not carry over to next race.
Place penalties to be served at the end of the race.
NOTE. It’s up to the stewards discression as to how many penalty points are awarded for each incident e.g. a LLP1 may not be given 1 penalty point.

Lobby Settings

Lobby Issues

In case there are problems with the lobby (glitches, lags, etc), a new lobby will be created, with the same settings. If a glitch occurs between qualify and race or during the formation lap, the new lobby will be created with a custom grid, if possible. In this case, the top 10 drivers must start the race with the tire compound they qualified. Drivers who will start with a tire compound different from the one with which they qualified, they will get a LLP2 penalty. In case it isn’t possible to make a custom grid, the whole qualify will be repeated and so the previous results cancelled. Instead if the race is started and there are lobby issues, the race can be called off under the following two conditions:

  1. Race Called Off: No Result. If at any time BEFORE the first 10 laps have been completed by the first place driver and only 5 or fewer drivers are still connected, or a glitch occurs, the race will be called off with no result and rescheduled. If an event is abandoned, it will be rescheduled preferably to the same day in the next available week, or next suitable opportunity. The event will be run under the exact same race conditions (in-game date/time, weather etc).

  2. Race Called Off: Race Result. If at any time AFTER the first 10 laps have been completed by the first placed driver, 5 drivers remain connected or a glitch occurs, the race will be called off and considered complete. Half points will be awarded to all the connected drivers according to their placing at the last lap completed by the leading driver.

    Please note, ‘driver connections’ means all drivers still connected to the session regardless of their on-track status.

Points System Race

In the championship will be used the F1 point system. Also, 1 point is awarded for the fastest lap if a driver finishes the race in the 1st 10 positions.

In case 2 or more drivers (or teams) should finish the season on equal points, to determine the final standings we will take into account the factors below in this order:

  • Most Wins
  • Most Pole Positions
  • Most Podiums
  • Lowest Average LLPs
  • Best Minor Placings
  • Best Attendance


In this league are allowed only substitutions by drivers from the following championships:

  • Freshman League
  • Academy