Mercedes 190E 2018 (Season 1)


Drivers’ Standings

Pos.DriverCountryTeamCurrent LLPPts
1KiwiladladNZL NZL FlagWILA Racing0307
2ESR_theschmidSUI ESR0260
3vectro666NED Netherlands-flagKalpa Motorsports0250
4AlloChampsSWE Swe flagWILA Racing0240
5id4getsGBR GBR FlagLGR Motorsports0196
6ESR_ChefAUT ESR0167
7HajkerOfSwedenSWE Swe flagLGR Motorsports0146
8FAster_A14SPA SpagnaCar a Cool o0106
9cas_nooijeensNED Netherlands-flagMax CC098
10solosalitaITA ita flagTarget Motorsports076
11Aguilator1985SUI Car a Cool o076
12Joe_Black4GBR GBR FlagTarget Motorsports063
13bekkeratisSUI Angry Dragon Racing060
14evildragonxxlGBR GBR FlagKalpa Motorsports140
15krhickr00SUI Angry Dragon Racing138

LLP = License Level Penalty 

Team Standings

Pos.TeamDriversReplacements (max 3)Pts
1WILA RacingAlloChamps
3LGR MotorsportsHajkerOfSweden
4Kalpa Motorsportsvectro666
round 03: Bauwie-050 for evildragonxxl276
5Car a Cool oFAster_A14
6Target Motorsportssolosalita
8Angry Dragon Racingbekkeratis

Races Score

Result of Gran Prix

The Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution II lined up in the German Touring Car Championship (DTM) from 1990 to 1993. The ‘Evo II’ was highly successful in Europe over the 1990, 91, 92 and 93 seasons. In the 1992 German DTM season alone, the Merc was victorious in 15 of the 24 races, and won the manufacturers championship in 1991 and 92. Famous names to run the Evo II included Keke Rosberg, Klaus Ludwig, Jaques Laffite and Michael Schumacher.

Season Info

12 Rounds split into 4 legs:

  • Leg One: Zolder GP, Brands Hatch GP), Le Circuit Bugatti
    break week
  • Leg Two: Laguna Seca, Long Beach, COTA National (night race)
    break week
  • Leg Three: Fuji GP (10hr enduro), Sakitto National, Sportsland Sugo
    break week
  • Leg Four: Brno GP, Porsche Leipzig, Mugello GP

Preseason events will be run at Donington Park GP.
There will be a break week between each leg.
Teams of two drivers each as usual for Gavra championships.
Round 11 is at the Porsche Leipzig track from the Porsche Legends DLC.
Round 12 is at Mugello circuit from the Ferrari DLC.

Special Events

COTA National is a night race.
Fuji GP is an endurance event for both championships; approx 10 hours in-game and 2 hours real time.

Race Rules

You Should Not:

1) Push or block others.

2) Engage in any form of cheating.

3) Cut or swerve in front of other drivers.

4) Message or talk during qualifying and racing (ensure your microphone is turned off).

5) Race with or unduly delay drivers who are lapping you. Also, please let obviously faster drivers unlap themselves.

6) Use the reset button to get back on track quickly.

PLEASE NOTE: The race group chat IS NOT the place to accuse or complain about race incidents. Please, DO NOT engage in blame and accusations in the chat. This is important to maintain the good community feeling that Gavra Racing has developed over a long time. The ONLY place a race issue can be solved is in the Incident Reviews section in the forum on the website.


Race incidents can be investigated at the end of a race. If you want to review the actions of another driver, you need to have a replay or video illustrating the incident. You must submit your claim with supporting evidence (video is preferable) within 24 hours of the race finishIf you don’t post within 24 hours, there cannot be a review. If you have no evidence, the claim cannot be supported and will be dismissed.


There is a right of reply for the defending driver. PLEASE NOTE: You will not be notified of any claim you are involved in. It is your responsibility to check Incident Reviews if you suspect you may be involved in a claim. It’s probably a good idea to check anyway, just in case. You must submit your defence by replying to the relevant claim within 48 hours of the finish of the race. If there is more than one claim, please defend each individually. No video is necessary, but an alternate view may be helpful.

Drivers License Penalties

At the beginning of the season, drivers are usually at ‘0′ (zero) level on their drivers license. Drivers could have penalty levels added to their license as a result of protests or direct action from the Gavra Stewards team. The exact penalty for an incident depends upon the penalty level the driver is currently at. License points are removed if a driver runs a clean race with no serving penalty.

License Level Penalties (LLPS)

LLPs added are variable and applied at the discretion of the incident review panel depending on the severity of the incident. Typically +1 Level for a minor incident, and +2 Levels for a more serious incident. The LLP scale is listed below:

LLP0 – No Penalty
LLP1 – Practice Ban
LLP2 – Practice Ban and Limited Qualifying Duration (5 min.)
LLP3 – Practice Ban and Qualifying Ban
LLP4 – Practice and Qualifying Ban for two consecutive races (clean races will still lower your LLP as normal)
LLP5 – Race Suspension 
LLP6 – Championship Disqualification

Race Settings

  • Race Length: 75 min.
  • Race In-game start: See the calendar
  • Time Progression: x2
  • Rolling Start: No
  • Pit Mandatory: No
  • Weather: See description below
  • Weather Progression: x2

Qualify Settings

  • Qualify Length: 10 min.
  • Qualify In-game start: See the calendar
  • Time Progression: Real Time
  • Practice Length: 10 min.
  • Weather: Real*
  • Weather Progression: Real Time


Weather progression: x2
Weather slots: 3
Weather Slot Allocation: Two slots as per Gavra Racing standard weather system, plus one unknown slot. The location of the unknown weather (in slot 1, 2 or 3) will not be known until entering the lobby on race day.
This weather progression structure means that if the 
unknown weather is in slot 1 or slot 2, the duration of the unknown weather will be approx 30 minutes. If in slot 3, the unknown weather duration would be about 15 minutes.

Lobby Settings

Important Realism Settings

  • Allow Auto Start Engine: Yes
  • Force Interior View: No
  • Force Driving Line Off: Yes
  • Force Manual Gear: No
  • Force Default Setups: Off
  • Force Realistic Driving Aids: On
  • Allow ABS: –
  • Allow Traction Control: –
  • Allow Stability Control:
  • Collisions: On
  • Damage: Full
  • Mechanical Failures: Yes
  • Force Manual Pitstop: Yes
  • Pit Stop Errors: No
  • Tyre Wear: Accelerated
  • Fuel Depletion: Yes
  • Force Cooldown Lap: Yes

Rules & Conditions 

  • Rules & Penalties: On
  • Track Limit Penalties: On
  • Allowable Time Penalty: 5
  • Drive-Through Penalties: On
  • Pit Exit Penalties: On
  • Min. Competitive License: U100

Points System

Points System Race

In case 2 or more drivers (or teams) should finish the season on equal points, to determine the final standings we will take into account the factors below in this order:

  • Most Wins
  • Most Pole Positions
  • Most Podiums
  • Lowest Average LLPs
  • Best Minor Placings
  • Best Attendance

Leg Points System

The first three legs are like mini championships. This points system is awarded for placing within each leg, at the end of each leg. It’s like bonus points for driver’s results for Europe One and both the US and Japan Tours.
8 points for 1st, 6 for 2nd, 4, 3 and finally 2 points for the 5th place driver.