Our Championships

Annual First Season

The first half of the year plays host to the most intense and competitive racing season. 16 rounds, spread over a long five-month racing season, and taking you all around the world, is always appreciated by serious and committed sim racers. From the best tracks in Europe, to America, Asia and Oceania, travel together with the Gavra Racing family. It’s really a chance to grow, learn and compete as a Gavra Racing member. Try your driving skills in the GT3 Super League, the GT4 Premier Series or the Freshman Touring Cars, and the special championships of the Club Series is always interesting.

All championship podium finishers (or in the case of a teams only championship, only the winning team), are free to choose in which championship they compete in the following season. They are exempt from any time trials.

GT3 Super League is the ultimate championship of Gavra Racing. You can enjoy the closest and fastest racing with Gavra Racing’s most experienced drivers.

Gavra Racing’s GT4 Premier Series is home to drivers looking to make their way to Super League level. Tightly contested racing is enjoyed by all drivers.

Freshman Touring Cars is typically used as the first rung on the Gavra Racing ladder. You can get used to driving as part of a team and develop lasting social and competitive relationships around online racing. You will mix it on track with drivers at all levels of ability.

The Club Series changes from year to year and often features special or unique championships. It’s a very different challenge for drivers.

Annual Second Season

The second half of the season is more relaxed and a chance to enjoy some classic racing. Master League, the Vintage Series and the Classic League are race series that are focused on the cars and classes from the golden periods of motorsport. Lots of fun and highly entertaining, you can experience the thrill and danger of classic circuits, and the excitement of raw mechanical power from bygone ages. The levels in the Classic series corresponds to the levels in Season 1, The Classic League runs at the Freshman level, Vintage Series is equivalent the the Premier Series, and the most powerful historic cars run in the Masters League.

All-Year Programs

This is where everyone starts on the road to a Gavra Racing license. There is a lot of driving variety, as well as valuable tips and experience to be gained from senior Gavra drivers. Clean, safe and respectful driving is the focus of the Academy. The Academy runs several times during the year.

This is an occasional and casual program of one-off races that run in parallel with the championship season. It is designed for any driver who wants a taste of Gavra Racing, as well as Gavra members who are looking for additional or casual races. Registration for Gavra Freedrive is always open.

One-Off Events

See the One-Off Events page for popular annual Gavra Racing events and when they run during the year.