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How To Join GAVRA Racing

  • Introduce Yourself

    Sign up on Discord, join our server GAVRA Racing and introduce yourself.

  • Project Cars

    You wanna start racing on Project Cars? Sign up for the championships here.

  • Formula 1

    You wanna start racing on Formula 1? Start your career by signing up to the Academy.

Become a Patron

Become a patron of Gavra Racing by making a small donation to support the league. Choose your tier and support us!! You will receive a detailed page with all your results in GAVRA Racing that will be updated after every race.

Broadcast Schedule

Don’t miss the championships’ races broadcasted from our commentators on Youtube and Twitch channel GAVRA Racing. Stay Tuned!!

  • Mondays - Premier Series (F1 2019), 21:30 CET
  • Tuesdays - Super League (F1 2019), 21:30 CET
  • Wednesdays - F1 Academy (F1 2019), 21:30 CET
  • Wednesdays - Ginetta Evolution (Project Cars), 21:30 CET
  • Thursdays - Freshman League (F1 2019), 21:30 CET
  • Thursdays - Ferrari 333SP (Project Cars), 21:30 CET
  • Fridays - GT3 (Project Cars), 21:30 CET


The registration for the 1st Dirty League organized by GAVRA Racing is opened here. The game will be available free for PS plus members next month. For any question please message OneShoot2Down or GAVRANOVIC1991 on PSN.

GAVRA Racing is happy to announce the drivers who have got their license. From now they’ll be able to join any GAVRA championship.

  • Barti1989
  • DirtyLarry90
  • GSY_Bates
  • httpyro
  • Kryptek-QN
  • hollandkampioen
  • kebabbarigers
  • OriolTG123
  • Timv2008_64
  • youssumaki.

The season 2 of the Academy will start on 8th April 2020 with the online time trial, here you find info about it:


  • Day Of The Time Trial: Wed 8th April 21:30 CET
  • Track: Hungary Gp
  • Car: Multiplayer Custom Car
  • Practice: No
  • Qualify: Short Qualifying
  • Race Length: No
  • Weather: Clear
  • Time to Beat: 1:21.000



  • Tracion Control Medium
  • ABS – On
  • Braking Assists – Low
  • Automatic Gear

NOT Available

  • Dynamic Racing Line
  • Pit Assists

A group on PSN will be created with all the registered drivers. The host of the whole Academy is GAVRANOVIC1991, please send him a friend request.

Drivers who will beat the time in the online time trial will enter to the Academy series. More info will be published in the next days (See the Academy page). If you can’t attend the online time trial in that day, please send a screenshot to GAVRANOVIC1991. Also remember if you’ve an in-game safety rating S, A or B you can bypass the Academy and join the Freshman League, also in this case send a screenshot to GAVRANOVIC1991 as proof. For any question message on PSN to GAVRANOVIC1991 or Gavra91 on Discord.

GAVRA Racing is happy to announce a new competition the Gold Crown Series, a mini-championship that will held at the end of the season for 5 weeks. It will be composed from 10 rounds, 2 races for round (Race 1 50%, Race 2 25%). In this competition the drivers will be splitted in 4 teams (Academy, Freshman League, Super League and Premier Series) and will have to represent their championship. The team/championship with the most points will win the Gold Crown Series and will result the best championship of the season. Many infos will come in the next days.

Thursday 9th April will start the Freshman League. In this league will be able to join the licensed GAVRA Racing drivers who got a succesfull result in the Academy and new drivers who have an in-game safety rating S, A or B.

How Many Races?

The championship is composed from 8 races 50% each.

On what day and time the races are held?

Thursdays at 21:30 CET.

Which Cars will be used?

For the championship will be used the F1 2019 cars.

How many spots are available for the championship?

The spots available are 18.

When registrations open?

Registrations open on 29th March in the Freshman League page.



  • Traction Control Medium
  • Automatic Gear

NOT Allowed

  • Dynamic Racing Line
  • ABS
  • Pit Assists


For any question about the championship contact GAVRANOVIC1991 on PSN.

GAVRA Racing turns five years on March 26th!! We want to celebrate this milestone with a special event on F1 2019, Thursday 26th March at 21:30 CET. Everyone is welcome to participate. To sign up fill in the form below, please read carefully the rules and make sure you can join the event.

How It Works?

Five teams (Black, White, Yellow, Red and Blue) will compete in four races (25% length each). The team that scores most points at the end of the four races will win the event. 


For the event there will be a one-shot qualify. 

The Circuits

The drivers will choose the circuits, by voting the poll. They can choose between 6 tracks, the four most voted circuits will be those used for the event.

  1. Austria Gp
  2. Belgium Gp
  3. Italy Gp
  4. Japan Gp

The Teams

  • Black Team: Livery Tri Star, Colour #1 Black, Colour #2 Black, Sponsors White
  • Blue Team: Livery Sunburst, Colour #1 Blue, Colour #2 Blue, Sponsors Yellow
  • Red Team: Livery Sunburst, Colour #1 Red, Colour #2 Red, Sponsors White
  • Yellow Team: Livery Tristar, Colour #1 Yellow, Colour #2 Yellow, Sponsors Blue
  • White Team: Livery Sunburst, Colour #1 White, Colour #2 White, Sponsors Red

For the event there will be used the multiplayer custom cars. The drivers will be splitted in teams according the car livery. See above how to create your livery.


Assists Available

  • Traction Control (Medium)
  • ABS (On)
  • Braking Assists (Low)
  • Automatic Gear

Assists NOT Available

  • Dynamic Racing Line
  • Pit Assist


To sign up fill in the form. Once registered you’ll be contacted from GAVRANOVIC1191 on PSN and added to the event group.


  • tigerassassin99
  • D_a_z_e_12


  • Black Team: blackcountrymush, Dedoncky1195, XNattyG, WeSangio
  • Blue Team: DirtyLarry90, donrajib_786, ESS_AYCH, Guillotine1357
  • Red Team: hollandkampioen2, Kryptek_QN, Tunturipaaryna, youssumaki
  •  Yellow Team:  atimgren, DylanVDB19, GAVRANOVIC1991, pierro62930
  •  White Team:  GSY-Bates, httpyro, Jo-Jo-Power, Timv2008_64

GAVRA Racing


Read GAVRA Racing rules before to sign up for any league.

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