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Welcome to the 3rd F1 season organized by GAVRA Racing. This season will have some little news that will be explained in the paragraph “News“. Below you can sign up for the season. Before registering, please read, understand and agree to follow the Gavra Racing rules and guidelines (Race RulesIncident Reviews, and Penalties). Also please sign up ONLY if you can complete to the whole season.


As we said in the previous paragraph in this season there will be some news, in addition to the Super League will be introduced the Classic League, the Premier Series and contracted/casual drivers for replacements. Also, this season the races will be 15 and we’ll use the F1 2019 cars. 

Champioships Info

Like last season we will try to split drivers according their skills to have championships as balanced as possible. This season we will organize three championships with the possibility of a fourth (Master League) in case we get many registrations. We gave them names to recognize the championships better. The lobbies will open at usual time 21:30 Italy time, 20:30 UK.

  • Super League (Tuesdays): it is the home to drivers looking to make their way to Master League level. Tightly contested racing is enjoyed by all drivers.
  • Premier Series (Mondays): it is a championship for drivers with a good driving skill. It’s a good alternative for drivers who don’t feel ready to participate in the Super League.
  • Classic League (Thursday): it is a race series that is focused on the cars from the golden periods of motorsport. Lots of fun and highly entertaining, you can experience the thrill and danger of classic circuits, and the excitement of raw mechanical power from bygone ages. Each round you’ll drive different cars.

For the Super League, Premier Series and Classic league the race distance is 50%.

Replacement Drivers

Teams can choose to arrange substitute drivers before the season, or arrange stand-in drivers as needed during the season. We encourage the organisation of substitute drivers before the season starts. Teams can have a maximum of two substitute drivers prearranged. Drivers arranged pre-season are referred to as contracted drivers, and drivers called in as required after the season starts are called casual replacements. Substitutes can earn race points for individual drivers, but contracted drivers will have a points-earning advantage.

Contracted drivers must be declared to race organisers before the first race of the season. If not, any substitute driver will be considered a casual replacement.

The points table for each championship will show the points available to contracted drivers and casual replacements.


The calendar will be the same for all the series. Every three races there will be a break week. The 1st race will be on 20th Jan for the Premier Series, 21st Jan for the Super League and 23rd Jan for the Classic league.

Australia Gp, China Gp, Spain Gp, France Gp, Austria Gp, Great Britain Gp, Germany Gp, Hungary Gp, Belgium Gp, Singapore Gp, Russia Gp, USA GP, Mexico Gp, Brazil Gp, UAE Gp.


Also in the registration there’re some news. This season drivers can sign up for 2 championships, if they want. In this case they must choose 1 classic series and 1 modern series (Super League or Premier Series). Its NOT possible to sign up for 2 modern series.

The registration closes Thursday 16th January at 23:59 Italy time.

To sign up write:

  • Nationality: Italy
  • Championship: Select the championship/s you want to drive.
  • Team: Write the F1 2019 team you want to drive. (Eg. Renault, Williams, etc). It’s a good idea to write a 2nd team in case someone else choosed the same.
  • Teammate: If you already have a teammate, write his ID. In case you haven’t one, it will be assigned you once registrations are finalized.
  • Replacement Drivers: Write the ID of your replacement driver/s, in case you have one.
  • I accept and know the rules.

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Also, join our Discord server GAVRA Racing (Click Here) to stay informed about the championship and to contact admins.

Once registered you’ll be contacted on PSN from GAVRANOVIC1991. The seats available for each championship will be 18. In case there are more than 18 drivers registered for a championship, a time trial will be required. Admins will keep you updated.


Lobby Settings

  • Session Privacy: Invite Only
  • Era: F1 2019 Era
  • Maximum Participants: 20 (18 drivers, 2 spectators)
  • Practice Length: None
  • Qualifying: Short Qualifying
  • Race Distance: 50%
  • Quick Weather: Dynamic
  • Session Start Time: Official


  • AI Driver Level: 40
  • Car Performance: Equal
  • Parc Fermé Rules: Off
  • Collisions: On
  • Vehicle Damage: Full
  • Safety Car: On
  • Rules and Flags: On
  • Corner Cutting Stringency: Strict
  • Formation Lap: On
  • Race Starts: Manual
  • ERS: Manual


  • Braking Assist: Off
  • Anti-Lock Brakes: Off
  • Traction Control: Medium
  • Automatic Gearbox: Manual and Automatic
  • Pit Assist: Off
  • Dynamic Racing Line: Off

Car Assignation

In case 2 or more teams want to drive the same car, it will be assigned taking into account the results of the teams in the previous season. The priority will be given to the team who has scored more points. 

Eg. Team A and Team B want to drive the Mclaren.

  • Team A – Driver A (70 pts) – Driver B (30 pts) = 100 pts
  • Team B – Driver C (90 pts) – Driver D (20 pts) = 110 pts

So the Mclaren is assigned to the Team B.

Time Trial

In case a time trial is needed these are its infos.

Premier SeriesF1 2019Germany Gp18/01/202021:30 Ita Time (20:30 UK)
Super LeagueF1 2019Germany Gp19/01/2020  21:30 Ita Time (20:30 UK)
Classic LeagueFerrari 2004Germany Gp20/01/202021:30 Ita Time (20:30 UK)


Drivers List