Snetterton 300

Snetterton Circuit is a motor racing course in Norfolk, England, originally opened in 1953. Owned by Jonathan Palmer’s MotorSport Vision organisation, it is situated on the A11 road 12 miles (19 km) north-east of the town of Thetford and 19 miles (31 km) south-west of the city of Norwich. The circuit is named after the nearby village of Snetterton to the north-west of the circuit, although much of the circuit lies in the adjoining civil parish of Quidenham.

The circuit hosts races from series including the British Touring Car Championship, British Formula Three Championship and British Superbike Championship. From 1980 to 1994, the track hosted the UK’s first 24-hour race, the Willhire 24 Hour. From 2003 to 2013 the Citroen 2CV 24 Hour Race was held at Snetterton on the 200 Circuit


After its use as a USAF base, Snetterton was first used for motorcycle racing in 1953, organised by the Snetterton Combine, an association of clubs in Norfolk and Suffolk.

In October 2005, Jonathan Palmer of MotorSport Vision, the owners of Snetterton Circuit, announced that the circuit would undergo extensive rebuilding work, in order to lengthen the circuit and improve its facilities.

On 23 September 2010, MSV announced that construction of the new infield section and track improvements would be finished in time for the 2011 motorsport season. The main development was the addition of a new one mile infield section, after Sear Corner, which was replaced and renamed Montreal, in deference to it being modelled on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve hairpin. The final chicane before Senna Straight was also removed and replaced by an extension to Coram curve coupled with a new, tight, left-hand corner named Murrays. In addition to the track work, the redevelopment also improved spectator viewing and increased safety

The track was used by both Team Lotus (Formula One) and Norfolk Racing Co (Le Mans) to test their racing cars. In the 1960s and early 1970s the circuit was 2.7 miles in length. Sear corner was 80 m further from Riches corner and led onto the “Norwich Straight” clearly visible in satellite maps and currently used by a Sunday market. The straight ended in a hairpin bend leading to Home Straight which joined the existing track at the Esses but is now a main access road for the circuit. Russell bend was added in the 1960s and named after Jim Russellwho ran a racing drivers school at the circuit. Initially added to improve safety by slowing vehicles as they approached the pits, Russell bend was the scene of many accidents and was later altered to its present configuration.

Circuit Info

  • Country: UK
  • Length: 4.7 km
  • Turns: 13
  • Number Of Times Held: 4
  • Fastest Lap: FerellieJnr 1:25.702 (FB)

golden cup

FerellieJnrGB GBR Flag1
Interceptor-wAwGE GER flag1
NikoZavaITA ita flag1

Pole Positionpole

DriverCountryPole Position
FerellieJnrGB GBR Flag2
fleyboy08_15GE GER flag1